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During the last few months, CI2 has participated in multiple events, both national and
international, showing its continuous expansion and growth not only in value, but also
in quality. In the present Newsletter we describe two very important events, and we also
present to you our most recent project.

Donor now

An automatic screening of
catastrophic cranial CT

Our most recent project started as a perfect
example of how CI2 works as an incubator for
translational Medicine projects. After a couple
of months preparing and testing the viability
of such a project, the DonorNow team was
finally formed. Combining CI2 research skills in
e-Health with the IT and Medical knowledgebase
available at Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando
Fonseca (HFF) this project grew rapidly from an
idea to a reality.

After almost two months working integrated
with the Hospital’s Information System (IS), we
can proudly say that DonorNow is a proven
interdisciplinary success. We congratulate our
researchers João Veiga (CI2), Diogo Ermida (CI2/
DGTI), and Tomé Vardasca (CI2/DGTI), as well
as our counterpart from the Hospital Donation
Coordination (CHD): Dr. Ana Paula Fernandes
(UCIP) and Dr. António Gomes (Cirurgia B).

2ªs Jornadas do GCCT

On the 24th and 25th of October CI2 participated
in the 2ªs Jornadas do Gabinete Coordenador de
Colheita e Transplantação (GCCT) do Hospital de
São José, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central,
. In this event organized by GCCT and
ACE (Associação Científica dos Enfermeiros),
specialists in the transplantation and organ
collection field were gathered to debate the such
themes as the role of the Hospital Donation
Coordinator in optimizing organ collection,
or even new challenges in organ and tissue

CI2 participated in this event with the validation
results of the DonorNow project, presented by
Diogo Ermida (CI2/DGTI), earning the Best Short
Communication Award.

IEEE Healthcom’13

15th International Conference on
e-Health Networking, Application
& Services

On mid-October CI2 took part in Healthcom’13,
arguably the most renowned international
conference on e-Health. With contributions from
51 countries, the conference program included
twenty technical sessions and two poster
sessions, a telemedicine demo session, two
panels, four tutorials, three workshops, a large
industry exhibition, and four keynote speeches.
The closing ceremony had the presence of the
Portuguese Ministry of Health, Dr. Paulo Macedo,
who reinforced the idea of how e-Health R&D is
mandatory for progress in Healthcare.

IEEE Healthcom’13 was a plentiful event for CI2.
With interactive demos of our projects, visitors
and attendees were attracted to our stand,
making us one of the most visited areas.

We would like to thank the IEEE Healthcom’13
organization committee, whom by bringing such
event provided an unmatchable networking

More info:

SPMS Open Day

First SPMS Open Day to University
gathers academia and IT professionals

Still during October, three of our researchers
attended the first SPMS Open Day to
University. During this event organized by
SPMS – Sistemas Partilhados do Ministério
da Saúde, EPE – 20 Health related projects
were presented by multiple Portuguese R&D
entities, mostly academic. Projects included
systems interoperability, data security, robotics,
virtual reality, risk management in Health, data
visualization, and Electronic Health Records.

During the closing ceremony, the President of
SPMS, Henrique Martins, explained the audience
how important the communication between
IT research and the National Health System
(SNS) is, finalizing by telling that “All projects are
interesting. Even though not everyone presents
priority solutions for Health, all contribute to
rethink concepts and strategies”.

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CI2 Newsletter #2/ December 23rd, 2013
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